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Who we are?
The experience of the company, thorough knowledge and applying of appropriate abilities, manners and technologies just in time are making the company competitive on the market of consulting services. “STROYNORM” EOOD is ready to face unpredicted situations and is ready to answer to any kind of challenges, relaying of professionalism and competence of its team of expertsRead more...
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Design in all phases of the investment process and performance of supervision:

      Performs design in all phases of the investment process and supervision in the following areas:

1. Residential and industrial construction: new residential and administrative buildings, as well as reconstruction, modernization and reconstruction of existing ones, warehouses, factories, industrial warehouses, metal structures.

2. Plumbing, hydro-technical and irrigation infrastructure , design of building interior  and exterior plumbing systems – for residential, public and industrial buildings, tanks and pressure boosting systems, urban and industrial water supply, sewage treatment plants for municipal and industrial wastewater, landfills for municipal and industrial waste, safety embankments for rivers and river corrections, street sewage collectors, drainage systems, irrigation systems.

3. Retaining walls, embankments: retaining walls, strengthening of roads, swath lands and landslides, gabions, strengthening sea and river shores.

4. Road construction: roads, highways, streets, road junctions and road intersections, road signs and markings, temporary traffic organization, bridges, road overpasses.

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Industrial buildings

Industrial buildings - electrical networks and stations, warehouses, hangars, warehouses, silos finished or semi-finished products, agricultural buildings, factories for the production of chemical products, businesses and shops of Food - Food Industry