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Who we are?
The experience of the company, thorough knowledge and applying of appropriate abilities, manners and technologies just in time are making the company competitive on the market of consulting services. “STROYNORM” EOOD is ready to face unpredicted situations and is ready to answer to any kind of challenges, relaying of professionalism and competence of its team of expertsRead more...
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Applying of construction supervision:

Construction supervision during the construction process. As a company licensed as a CONSULTANT through its specialists – supervisors, the company is monitoring and is responsible for:

- Lawful commencement of construction.

- Full and correct compilation of documents and protocols during construction, execution of the construction in accordance with the approved project  documentation, supervision and care about labor safety, protection of the environment, prevention of damage to third parties and property, inspection of the materials to be used in the construction and requirement about using of high quality construction materials and products, ensuring the accessibility of the building by persons with disabilities, taking care of energy efficiency of buildings, fire and emergency safety of buildings and facilities.

- Preparation of the CONCLUSIVE REPORT, which establishes the suitability for commissioning of the building.
On the basis of the CONCLUSIVE REPORT, together with all necessary construction documentation, the approval authorities of REPUBLIC OF BULGARIA are issuing the PERMISSION FOR USE.

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Industrial buildings

Industrial buildings - electrical networks and stations, warehouses, hangars, warehouses, silos finished or semi-finished products, agricultural buildings, factories for the production of chemical products, businesses and shops of Food - Food Industry